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23rd June 2024 – Stroke

There were no “Brass Monkeys” in the field today. Too cold for them, even though it took Isaac C 12 holes to realize the temperature & take out his jumper.

Welcome to Neville Bell from Clifton Springs GC, hope you enjoyed your round.

16 players made the field today, with Shannon Ash taking the chocolates with Gross 91 / Nett 68 from Spinner 80/69. 3rd was Baz S with 75/71.

No one was able to stay on the 9th/18th green to score an NTP but Goog Walker had a damn good crack on the 18th, just running off to the left.

2 players scored 2 birdies, Baz (1st, 6th), Cookie (2nd, 7th) & Log scoring one on the 15th.

Isaac C, playing off 15 for the first time, couldn’t sustain his winning form of recent weeks, but still scored an 89/74. His playing partners Cookie & Log said he had a very favorable relationship the Tree & Bunker Gods during the round. However, the Tree Gods too their revenge on the 18th, taking his ball & failing to give it up. It took 18 holes but Cookie & Log finally got him.

Alex Wezza topped his drive on the 14th, to land outside the trees on the left, short of the red tee blocks. Great recovery shot to get out of trouble.

Happen to notice Brian P playing his 2nd on the 18th from about 10m in front of the tee block. When questioned about the “perceived indiscretion”, his response, ” made the 4″.

Goog had a few highlights today. On the 1st, Goog stated he’d tried to adjust his driver head this morning & didn’t know if he had reset it right. Played his 2nd from the middle of the left-hand mound.

Bettered that on the 10th, playing his second about 10m from the front of the green. Missed the birdie for par. Great Drive.

Must also mention Goog’s bunker shot on the 15th. Up against the left-hand lip, Goog had to play away from the green. Shot landed just at the back of the green, only to roll down the back slope. Such a great shot didn’t deserve that.

Don’t want to build Goog up too much in case he “lands hard” next week, but a couple of his wedges into the greens to within a metre of the cup from “downtown” were excellent. Well done, Goog.

Carree, lipped out or shaved the hole on 6 to 8 putts today. His round could have been “anything”. However, he did want to move the red tees back 4m on the 14th, so he didn’t get a mention in the write-up.

There are several adjectives to describe Ducky’s return to competition, “Rusty” would be the most polite. From a tree base cradling his drive on the 3rd, to be unplayable, to crisscrossing the green 3 times on 5th, it made it a long day.

If your a farmer or have rainwater tanks, enjoy your week.

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