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2nd June – Stroke

15 in the field today on a calm but chilly day.

Welcome to visitor, Jamie (Trigger) Bellinger from Millicent Golf Club, but we’ll call him Jamie Muhovics (so Cookie knows who we’re talking about) as Cookie wrote up the players list & score cards as players entered today, to help Captain Rowdy.

Rowdy won the day with gross 78 / nett 68 on a count back from Log (82/68). Third was Brendan Freeman (76/70).

NTP was Jason Wesolowski with a great shot to within 70-80cm from the flag. Once again, Wezza (as he did a few weeks ago), showed his putting prowess with a gallery, by completely missing the hole. Good par Wez.

Wez did make a birdie today, on the 14th. After hitting the green, he rolled off, down the slope to finish about 5m from the hole. Holed the putt no worries. Obviously, he’s only allowed one good putt a round.

Others to score birdies were Cookie (1st), Stef (2nd), Brian Pennell (15th) & Jamie Bellinger & Brendan Freeman (16th). Well done fellas.

Jamie’s birdie was an 8m chip in from 3m off. Thought it was going to hang on the lip but it slid in.

Putting skill (or the lack of it) seemed to be the theme of the day.

Starting on the 5th, Goog 4 putted his first hole. His theory, ” a 4 putt ensured room for improvement.” Unfortunately for Goog, it was only a theory.

Bill Mullan had a day to forget with the putter, 3 putting the 16th & 5 putting the 18th after being on for 3. He also had a “putting duel” with Wezza on the first as they both putted side to side from different sides of the hole.

Wezza featured once again with his drive off the first. His ball hit the cricket shed & couldn’t be found. Perhaps a “new satellite” has been launched.

Stef’s PW “slipped” from his hands, after blading a pitch about 5m from the left of his 14th (9th), across the green. The chip back was about 3m short of the pin. Unluckily, his putt just slid the edge of the hole. After watching Stef’s putt, Goog slid past also.

To close, Wezza gets another mention. Big day Wez.

A big thank you to Heidi & Jason (Wezza) Wesolowski from Rivoli Bay Deli for offering to sponsor the club to cater for the Cudmore Salver to be held at the club tomorrow the 3rd. Your support is very much appreciated.

The Cudmore Salver is a district event. The format, a teams event from all LSE clubs, with teams of 3 playing a stroke round with the best aggregate score winning the day. All the best to all participants.

Enjoy your week.

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