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May 12th – Stroke

May weather in Beachport, how good is this? Calm, sunny, perfect for golf.

Welcome to Jason (Worm) Werchon & Craig Tunken from Millicent Golf Club, to boost the field to 13. Good to see you guys join us.

After scoring 38pts, off a 30 handicap in his first outing with a handicap last week, Alex Wesolowski lost 5 strokes. Backing up this week, Alex had 92 off the stick for a nett 67 to win the comp. & lose another 5 strokes. Well done, Alex, you were never going to be a high handicapper the way you hit the ball. It will be interesting to see if he can drop another 5 strokes on his next outing, as I believe he’s playing the “Bali Open” next week. Enjoy your holiday Alex.

Runner-up with 78/71 was Wally Altschwager, with Cooper 3rd 83/72 & winning the NTP.

The young guns are certainly showing the way, with Cooper losing another 1/2 a stroke today & will be playing off 13.5 next week. Cooper has advanced his golf rapidly in the last 12 months. Well done Cooper & keep up the progress.

Interestingly, Cooper & Goog Walker were the only players not to have an 8 on their scorecard today. Can’t blame the weather, hey!

Good to see Spinner out walking the course today. What a great improvement from where he was before Xmas.

Keeping the theme of this “diatribe”, Goog had a bit, no, according to Goog “A LOT” of tree trouble today & lost interest early to record a 96/80. Always next week Goog. Come good when we need you for the Milton Hall Challenge.

Captain Phil got a lot of distance on his 3rd shot on the 5th, unfortunately it was down the road & went “way out of bounds.”

Shane Smith’s drive on the 7th found the trees & said “don’t go there”. Playing partners Log & Cooper proceeded to find the trees. Just like putting the “mockas” on a bloke having a shot for goal, “he’ll get this.” Ha ha.

The 7th/16th wasn’t Log’s favourite hole today, scoring a 7 & an 8. However, he did put a shot about 3 foot from the pin from 120m out & got the putt. Must have been fun from the tee to the 120m mark.

Contrary, to his son’s good form, Jason Wezza saved his putting prowess to the 18th, where he lipped a putt from 18″ (they said 2 feet to save a bit of pride) to the merriment of those in the clubhouse. Thanks Wezza, it’s good when it isn’t us.

Milton Hall Challenge next Sunday 10am for 11am tee-off at Beachport. Hope you can play & best our near neighbours.

Enjoy your week.

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