Sunday 14th April – 2nd Qualifying Round

17 players started the round with only 16 making it to the 18th.

Baz Snook won with 74/69 from Chris Carr (both who have been in the placings the past 2 weeks) 101/71 & Spinner 3rd 83/72. Great to see Spinner back amongst the winners.

Cooper W was NTP on the 9th.

Congratulations to Ryan Wakelin for his eagle on the 14th & birdies on the 6th & 8th.

Baz had 3 birdies in his round (2nd, 7th, 8th). Others to score birdies were Rob Carter 1st (another comeback story), Spinner 13th, Cooper 5th, Goog 7th & Log 10th.

Change in fortunes for Goog this week. Last week he had 81 off the stick, this week it was a Nett 81. Same number, just not quite the same feel about it.

Finalists for the Club Championships & Quarter final pairings are:


Barry Snook / Justin (Log) MacGregor

Brendan Freeman / Phil Scott

Wally Altschwager / Spinner MacGregor

Greg Cook / Shane Smith


Cooper Walters / Stef Pulmer

Adam (Goog) Walker / John Wakelin

Drew Pegler / Brian Pennell

Bill Mullan / Rob Carter

All the best to these players for their quarter final matches.

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