Sunday 24th March – Stroke

The first qualifying round of the Men’s club championship was played yesterday, with 19 players in the field.

Congratulations must go to Wally Altschwager who achieved the rare event of shooting a score, one under his age. The comment, “you don’t look 99”, elicited the expected “colourful” response. Didn’t let us down Wally. Haha! Well done Wally, on your 74 off the stick, nett 66 to win the day.

Runner up was Barry Snook 73 / 67 with Chris Carr 3rd 101 / 70.

10 birdies were had on the day. Baz S led the way with 3 (1st, 2nd, 14th), others were: Wall A (11th), Bill M (2nd), Bug (6th ferret), Ducky (7th), Rob C (3rd), Stef (2nd), Craig S (2nd).

NTP was Cookie (9th) & Shane Smith took the long drive on the 4th.

Good to see Ozzie Smith back in the field & showing plenty of potential. Ozzie beat Dad, Shane on the 11th & 16th during the round. He’s gunning for ya Shane. His shot into the green from 100m out on the 12th was straight at the hole, running a couple of metres past. Great shot. He also improved his score by 11 strokes over the 2nd 3rd & 16th holes. Keep up the good work Ozzie. Obviously, Ozzie gave those 11 strokes to Shane on the 16th, according to their playing partners.

Cookie found out who his mates “weren’t” with Stef nearly hitting him with an errant ball & Craig S nearly repeating the dose, despite Cookie taking to the trees to avoid Craig playing down the 4th whilst playing the 5th.

Stef also featured with an “interesting” 12th hole. Drive over the road. 3rd shot into a Norfolk pine 7′ up. 4th, out of the tree, over the road, landing with a nice lie. Next shot onto the green. Innovative golf.

As Sid A teed up on the 7th, Stef & Baz backed the buggy away. Sid turned & said, “worried, are you?”.

However, Ducky proved why Stef & Baz’s concerns were valid.

Teeing up on the 3rd, Ducky’s drive hit the LH Ladies tee block, upending it 180 degrees to land upside down. The ball ricochetted back 40m, across the road, finishing on the front lawn of a house. Out of bounds, for a net loss of 30m.

Playing team Log & Bug both hit their drives on the 2nd into the trees, only to both bounce directly across the fairway, to land within a couple metres of each other. Sociable golf or “synchronized” driving?

Log & Ducky also had an interesting 13th hole:

Log. Tee shot down RHS of 6th fairway, finishing up against a tree & scrubs, 5m right of the 6th green. After a drop. played down the 13th fairway to make an 7.

Ducky. Tee shot about 3m past Log’s. 2nd shot through the trees, just right of the 7th tee block. 3rd down the 7th to about 100m from the 13th green. 9 iron over the trees onto the green, which rolled back to the front of the green. Lipped the putt. Easy 6. About the best result he’s had on the hole in months, although unorthodox.

Next weekend is Easter, so if you’re travelling, be safe. If not, hopefully we’ll see you on the course.

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