Season Opening Ambrose & The Adam (Goog) Walker NTP Shoot Out Final, Sunday 17th March

Firstly, I must say what a great atmosphere & vibrancy, that was around the club yesterday. Players mingling, chatting, laughing, it was a pleasure to be around the club. Many players made similar comments.

To see so many groups on course, also gave a feeling of being apart of an event, not “just playing another round”. Congratulations to all who participated. A great day.

7 teams of 4, with a lady in each, “to keep the decorum of the event to an acceptable standard” & 1 team of 3 players contested the event, with teams being decided by being drawn from a hat.

Winners of the event were Bronwyn Clark, Brian Pennell, Justin MacGregor & Bill Mullan with 8 birdies for a Gross 62 / Nett 54.

When asked if there were any “good stories” coming from the team, the answer, ” just played as a great team.”

Bronny didn’t need the blokes help on the 9th, winning the Ladies NTP & putting for the birdie. Well-done, Bronny.

Bill Mullan also contributed with NTP’s on the 6th & 9th.

Robyn Walters secured the Ladies NTP on the 6th.

Runners up for the day were Mark Pretty, Sid & Jenny Arkun & visitor Wayne Currie with 63 / 55. Welcome Wayne.

I did hear that Karen MacGregor contributed well to her team of Steve Harris, Wally Altschwager & John Wakelin.

To conclude the presentations, Rowdy gave a special mention to Cookie’s team of Kay B, Goog & Ducky, whom his team of Chris Carr & Cooper handed them the “NAGA”, “Bradman” or “Encouragement” Award by 1/2 a point.

Cookie’s team had their moments, just not enough, with Goog channelling his inner “LIV Golf”, with music on the way round.

At the conclusion of the Ambrose, the finals of the Adam “Goog” Walker NTP Shoot out were held.

A spot in the finals were determined by gaining a NTP on the 6th hole, during competition since January 1st.

The finals were held on the 9th so the finals could be viewed from the clubhouse hill.

6 men contested the final. They were, Rowdy Scott, Bill Mullan (2 shots), John W, Cooper W, Log & Greg Cook.

Cookie got on but Bill was able to sneak one inside of him for the win.

Bronny Clarke (3 shots), Robyn Walters (3 shots), Julie Moran & Karen MacGregor contested the ladies final.

Despite having the length on all her shots (2 right, 1 left), Bronny didn’t have the accuracy to edge out Robyn Walters for the win.

Congratulations to Bill & Robyn.

To Goog, thanks for promoting & sponsoring the event, it certainly created some interest & was a great way to finish off yesterday’s fun event.

If any members have any ideas for other events in wish all club members can participate, talk a competitions sub-committee member or a member of the board.

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