Wattle Range Council Rezoning Survey

  • The Club’s board is against the proposed rezoning of the Golf Course to ‘Golf Course Estate’.  This rezoning enables the opportunity for residential and/or tourist accommodation development.
  • We urge all Members to complete the on-line survey (site 8) via link or QR Code provided.
  • If having difficulty with the survey, please contact Lyn @ 0418804466 for assistance

Link to survey:


(please select Site 8 – Beachport Community Facilities Zone for question 1)

As per the council amendment sheet:

The Strategic Land Use Plan has identified an opportunity to support residential development on the land between the Beachport Bowls Club and the Beachport Golf Course.
This area is approximately 1 hectare in size, with access from Millicent Road. This area is close to the town centre and would generally be suitable for residential development.
The land is currently within the Community Facilities Zone under the Planning and Design Code, which does not support residential development. The Code Amendment seeks to address this by rezoning the whole site to a zone that reflects both the existing golf course and enables the opportunity for residential or tourist accommodation development. 

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